What is Workers’ Voice?

Workers’ Voice is a Political Action Committee representing and fighting for all working families, union and non-union, in political and legislative campaigns. It is funded by large and small dollar donors and our resources are directed by activists participating in a field program to elect progressive candidates and pass legislation to improve the lives of working families.

How and when did Workers’ Voice form?

Workers’ Voice got started in April of 2012. Traditionally, labor unions were not allowed to talk to and organize non-members in political campaigns. That all changed with the destructive Citizens’ United ruling. The only way we compete with the flood of outside money corrupting the political process even further is by empowering individuals across the country to organize in their communities. We’ll never be able to match the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and Sheldon Adelson dollar-for-dollar, but there is no more powerful messenger than neighbors talking to neighbors, friends to friends, and family to family.

Interested in joining? Email us at info@workersvoice.org